Detail of SRS SRS
Detail of SRS SRS
Detail of SRS SRS
Detail of SRS SRS
Detail of SRS SRS
Additional Information Point 1.4.2
Additional Information Point 2.1.1
Additional Information Point 2.1.2
COs for all Programmes Point 2.6.1
Self Attestation Point 5.1.1
Additional Information Point 5.1.5
Additional Information Point 5.2.2
Additional Information Point 5.2.2
Policy Document on Environment Policy Document
Campus Code of Conduct Code of Conduct
Policy Document for Divyangjan Policy Document for Divyangjan
Divyangjan Student List Student List Divyangjan
Divyangjan Friendly Enviornment
Specific Point 7.1.1
Annual Gender Sensitization Action Plan Point 7.1.1
Supporting Documents Point 7.1.8
Detail of Activities Point 7.1.9
Annual Report of Celebrations Point 7.1.11
Best Practices Point 7.2
Appropriate Web Point 7.3
Student Feedback Student Feedback
Teacher Feedback Teacher Feedback
Feedback for Alumni Feedback for Alumni
Action Taken Report Action Taken Report 1.4.2
Placement & Job Fair Certificate Placement & Job Fair Certificate